Main Features of our products

• Keep as it is, please don’t change
• Don’t start to melt quickly
• Takes extra overrun
• Don’t require addition of sugar
• Great harmony with both milk and water
• Don’t decompose or breakdown either during preparation or in standby mode
• The colors are clear, festive, and never change in standby mode
• Work in harmony with most types of ice cream and frozen yogurt machines
• Halal and ISO 22000-2005 certified
• Produced in the highest hygiene conditions and according to the latest occupational health and safety standards in Turkey

Modern Production

The production is carried out infacilities equipped with the latest technologies and within the highest levels of hygiene and occupational safety in Turkey.

High Quality

Our products are produced from high quality raw materials which are selected with great care.

Fast Delivery

We give very high priority to our delivery services in order to serve our partners & customers in the best possible way.

7/24 Support

We offer our partner sand customers direct support & solution saround the clock.


What is soft ice cream?!

Soft Ice cream is a fast, easy-to-prepare ice cream which is prepared in two basic stages

The first stage is done by hands, and during this stage, we prepare the raw required liquid to be poured in the ice cream machine. While these condstage is the process of making the ice cream and mixing it in the machine at a temperature of between -8 or -10 C, then pouring it into the cone by machine with out touching  it by hands before serving it to customers in its final form.

Apart from the cones, it can be served with different flavors and sauces. 90% of the soft ice cream consists of

Milk and there fore it is preferred to be prepared on a daily basis to be more fresh while serving.


You too ... You can offer the most delicious ice cream to your customers. Call us now.

  • The magic touch of your ice cream!!
  • Easy and practical use!!
  • The Flavor inspired from fresh natural milk!!
  • Your trust is our priority!!
  • Years of experience in the world of ice cream!!
  • Together for a better, tasty &more professional business!!


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