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D Makina A.Ş, which is the owner and manufacturer of Aromio branded products;

The world's most important, soft ice cream, frozen yogurt machines and equipment that manufacturers "Gelmatic" of the company is the main distributor of many countries in the Middle East and Turkey. Basic stones; information, trust and customer satisfaction, Doğuş Ice Cream Machines combine the information they have with their engineering background; "Triomaxx" branded soft ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato machine group of brands participate in trade fairs in many locations in the world with sahibidir.gelmatic Dogus Ice Cream Makers, Turkey is the leader in frozen yogurt and soft ice cream concepts. Turkey is the main supplier of many soft ice cream and frozen yogurt brand Emergence of Ice Cream Makers, from corporate identity consultancy, brand and concept consulting to. Our company, which sells soft ice cream machines, has got unique information by following the world trends related to ice cream quality standards in the world. We have been working on ice cream raw materials for years because of the inability to reach perfect ice cream. we've created for etmektedir.dondur on raw materials AROMİO ready freezing liquid was find a place quickly in the market and Turkey, which is also the European standards yayılmıştır.ayn the town with a lot AROMİO Soft ice cream & Frozen Yogurt powders and industrial ice cream powder and Fried ice cream powders domestic and overseas in markets is used with appreciation.

Why us?

Soft ice cream and Frozen Yogurt ingredients are essential for every machine to serve perfect ice cream without any exceptions. Our company, which has been doing research for years to have good ice cream, has been providing services to you with our partner companies in Italy for companies that want to sell ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt in perfect consistency. One of the most important reasons for the quality of the ice cream is its oiliness. Vegetable oil, milk and yoghurt proteins in our animal fat and powder mixtures in the Aromio Ice Cream liquid have made a significant difference in the value of the brand in the ice cream market. Our engineers are making continuous product development, standardization and quality control studies. Our company is preparing special prescriptions for many brands. The water-opening mixes Our products are ISO 22000 Hassib and Hallal certified. Our certificates are international accreditation.



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