About Us

D.Makina A.Ş. company Is the owner and the manufacturer of Aromio products

D.Makina A.Ş. is the official agent & distributor in many of the Middle East countries and Turkey for one of the world's leading companies in manufacturing ice cream & frozen yogurt machines which is the Italian giant GELMATIC.

The knowledge, development and constant search for new technologies as well as customer trust and satisfaction are the foundation stones on which our company were founded. We combine the latest information, constants and our engineering expertiseto create the best products that help up in developing our customers and partners in various fields which are related to our business.

We also manufacture our unique ice cream & frozen yogurt machines that hold the name and brand TRIOMAXX  which have participated in several international exhibitions  and have been admired by many of the specialists working in this field.

 Why us?!

 “INGREDIENTS” is considered the most important production's factor for all ice cream & frozen yogurt machines in order to produce the best final product with no exception at all whether in quality, taste or cost.Therefore, in recent years our company has carried out the necessary research which has resulted obtaining the best combination of ice cream & frozen yogurt powders and many other products.

We have offered, and still offering the best services with our Italian partners to companies that want simply to sell the best ice cream & frozen yogurt with the perfect combination and shape.

One of the most important factors that determine the quality of ice cream is itsviscosity, which depends mainly on the quality of raw materials used in the production process. Our carefully chosen raw materials in accordance with the latest international food and safety standards, have made the difference in the value of our brand Aromio in the ice cream market.

Our engineers always carry out the necessary continuous studies for the development of our products and keeping pace with the latest changes in the ice cream industry. We also provide ready mixes for many famous international companies under their trademark name.

All of our products are ISO 22000 and HALAL certified, which we consider as our international accreditation to export our products to all markets.



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